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  • The Exactly Story of Spy x Family Takes Place

    Spy x Family members take place during a cold battle between Ostania and Westalis. But what does this mean for visitors to the country? It’s no surprise that Spy x Family is a popular shonen anime due to its unique facility. The manga by Tatsuya Endo is the basis of the collection. It features an […]

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  • The Culture about Cosplay

    When I try to explain the concept of cosplay to non-nerds and people not familiar with society, most consider me a blank slate. Cosplay is the art and craft of dressing up as fictional people, most often characters from anime. Cosplaying is a time-consuming pastime. They spend hours crafting their outfits. The prep work involves obtaining the […]

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  • The History of Cosplay

    Cosplay is generally defined as costume play. It’s a performance art in which participants, who are called “cosplayers”, wear costumes and accessories to portray a particular character. It is possible for cosplayers to interact and create a subculture. Since 1990s, there has been a rapid increase in the number who practice it. This phenomenon has had […]

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