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Welcome to Classification – a blog entirely dedicated to the fascinating world of cosplay culture. Here, we delve deep into the art and intricacies of costumed role-playing, showcasing the creativity, diversity, and dedication inherent in this global phenomenon. Whether you’re an experienced cosplayer looking for inspiration or a newcomer wanting to learn the ropes, Classification is your ultimate resource. With a wide array of content including costume guides, character studies, trend analyses, and event updates, we aim to enrich your cosplay journey. Embark on your exploration with Classification and let your cosplay dreams take flight!

  • The Magic of Detail: A Closer Look at Cosplay Costuming

    Cosplay is magic. It takes us into a world of imagination. But, have you ever wondered about its secrets? Today, we dive into the details of cosplay costuming. Let’s unmask the art that makes it so enchanting. 1. The Heart of Cosplay: Detail The essence of cosplay lies in the detail. Every stitch counts. Each […]

  • All Elite Wrestling Introduces Viral Storm Cosplayer Jade Cargill, Hints at Shaq’s Arrival

    All Elite Wrestling has signed Jade Cargill who went viral for her cosplay of Marvel’s Storm. Jade Cargill has signed a contract with Tony Khan’s All Elite Wrestling. She has recently gained fame on social media following her co-spy appearance as Storm from Marvel Comics. At her debut Jade Cargill teased the arrival of the basketball […]

  • Empowering Women in Geek Culture: GeekGirlCon Takes Center Stage

    Introduction Geek culture has long been dominated by male enthusiasts, often sidelining the significant contributions and presence of women in various fandoms. Despite being passionate about video games, comic books, science fiction, and fantasy, women have faced multiple barriers in this realm, including discrimination, harassment, and lack of representation. GeekGirlCon, an annual convention held in […]