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Adorable Marvel Pet Cosplay: Doctor Octo-Puss, a Furry Twist on Spider-Man’s Nemesis

The evil plots of a cosplaying cat are being considered by Alfred Molina, who portrays Doctor Otto Occius in Marvel’s Spider-Man: No Way Home.

This Doctor Octopus costume is an inspiration from Spider-Man The Spider-Man: No Way Home..

Twitter account Cat Cosplay tweeted photos of one of their pet models dressed in an incredible, pet-themed cosplay of Doctor Otto Octavius, otherwise known as Doctor Octopus. The cat’s costume is inspired by Alfred Molina’s portrayal as Doc Ock from No Way Home. It’s possible to consider going as far as to say that this rendition of Doctor “Octavipuss” is just as adorable.

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The cat is dressed in an animal-friendly turtleneck, trench coat and sunglasses This cat is outfitted as Spider-Man’s iconic supervillains. From behind the cat, the four mechanical arms that make up the character appear and appear capable of doing more than simply bouncing around toy mice. The appendages have a number of key features from the original material including gold segments along each arm, claws with segments that are designed to grab, as well as a terrifying red glow at their cores.

Molina’s portrayal as Doctor Octopus, in No Way Home is a far cry from the comic-book version of the character’s yellow and green suit. However, the differences do not stop there. The Doc Ock shown in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is the victim of the robotic arms of his character as he is their master.

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In the beginning, a scientist was trying to develop clean energy through nuclear fusion the Dr. Octavius was involved in an accident at a laboratory demonstration, causing the arms to permanently fuse to his body and the death of his wife. In a state of insanity, unable to separate himself from his creations, and gradually becoming a slave to the artificial intelligence contained within them, he turns into a criminal bent on proving that his invention is a success even if that means taking all of New York City with him. He is ultimately convinced to be stopped by Toby Maguire’s Spider-Man and then dies destruction of the work he created.

In the comics the character Doctor Otto Octavius also experiences the loss of his wife as well as the introduction of his robotic arms thanks to a lab experiment gone awry. In contrast to Molina, Octavius is fully in control of his sinister actions, without the interference of evil artificial intelligence. Using his innate intelligence in combination with the powerful weapons at his disposal, Doc Ock has been an enduring member of Spider-Man’s gang of rogues.

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