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Moon Knight Cosplay Enthusiast Delights Oscar Isaac at Marvel’s Premiere Event

This cosplayer had a very special moment during the Moon Knight premier!

Lights, camera, cosplays! On Wednesday, famous faces and cosplayers walked the red carpet for the Moon Knight premiere in Los Angeles. The stars Oscar Issac, Ethan Hawke, and May Calamawy from the series greeted admiring fans. However, nothing can compare to the thrill of Oscar Issac making a beeline to logandominiccosplay in the Moon Knight costume. It was too darn cute.

Logandominiccosplay immediately caught the eye of Oscar Issac, who ultimately put aside his other red carpet obligations to say hello to the cosplayer. Issac gave Logan a high-five and then showed him how to use the dart in a crescent shape. Issac was also quoted as saying that Logan’s outfit and his attitude were “so hard” when they took an image together. As a cosplayer recognition for the hours of work on cosplay is a huge honor for the character that is playing it. Before Logan met Issac, Logan posed for a photo with Marvel producer Kevin Feige who asked, “Can you spot it?” regarding Logan’s cosplay. Ethan Hawke did not take any photos with fans when he arrived but walked straight towards the cosplayer, handed him a handshake to say, “You look really good,” and did a small finger shot before he left. Moon Knight is Logan’s first premiere according to his father in the video that was posted on Instagram. In the video, Logan finds out he will be attending the red carpet ceremony, and his face immediately lit up. In the video, we found out that Logan’s father designed his costume. Incredible craftsmanship if we do say so ourselves. Logan also appeared in the Green Goblin viral segment towards the end of the year.

Moon Knight is Marvel’s most recent hero, or better yet, the latest vigilante. After an ex- U.S. Marine gains incredible powers through an Egyptian moon god, he is forced to confront the reality of his identity disorder that is dissociative while balancing the life of a superhero. The character will be featured in six episodes of this limited series.

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