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Skilled Cosplayer Captures the Essence of Sailor Moon’s Fiercest Guardian

Sailor Mars, the Pretty Guardian with firepower and a dazzling imagination, comes to life in an incredible cosplay that required “a LOT of trial and error” to make.

An expert Sailor Moon fan has brought the fiery Sailor Mars to real life.

Pictures of the impressive cosplay were shared on Reddit by the user Lex Lunar. The creator claimed that the process of creating the outfit required much trial and trial. I made countless sketches before I was able to get the fabric. The only formal sewing classes I’ve ever taken were the home economics classes at school, but I’d want to master more advanced methods to get my work “finished” on the inside.”

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Sailor Mars isn’t the only protector of the solar system Lex Lunar has made come to life. Reddit has several images of the incredible Sailor Uranus cosplay, as also images of Sailor Venus and Sailor Jupiter. The account also has a picture of Lex Lunar participating in a group costume that resembles the witches of the Sailor Scouts.

Between December 1991 and February 1997 from December 1991 to February 1997, 52 chapters from the Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon manga were published by Kodansha’s Shojo magazine Nakayoshi. The plot centers around Usagi Tsukino, a middle school student who gains powers through a mysterious artifact known as the Legendary Silver Crystal and becomes the titular magical girl. While fighting to stop the destruction of Earth and the entire universe, Sailor Moon finds many allies that also assume the title of Pretty Guardian.

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Sailor Mars’ Popularity

One of these allies is Rei Hino, known as Sailor Mars, who wields the ability to ignite. Rei is introduced early in the story as a shrine maiden meaning that in addition to her ability to pyro kinetically move, she can utilize Ofuda charms as well as possess psychic discernment. Rei’s character was instantly popular with Sailor Moon fans, as shown by a 1993 popularity poll in which she came in at the sixth spot. Mars was the main character in Casablanca Memories, her short story that explored her childhood.

Although Takeuchi’s manga series ended nearly thirty years ago, the manga is still a cultural cornerstone and inspires a lot of fan-made content. Beyond Lex Lunar’s Sailor Moon cosplay, professional cosplayer and model Tami Yuurei perfectly captured Sailor Neptune’s refined but cold persona. Also, a piece of crossover fan art imagined how would be the Forgers from Spy x Family would look like as Sailor Scouts.

The Sailor Moon manga is distributed by Kodansha Comics in North America and by Turnaround Publishers Services in the United Kingdom.

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