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Stranger Things’ Eddie Munson Cosplayer Nails Guitar Solo for Convention Crowd

A C2E2 host dressed in Eddie Munson, Stranger Things smashes the opening track of “Master of Puppets”, by Metallica in front of a large crowd.

Co-player who plays Eddie Munson from Stranger Things is showing off his incredible guitar-playing skills.

TikTok user Irish_princess1973 posted the video of co-star Iixvicostumez performing the opening riff from “Master of Puppets”, Metallica, in the presence of a raucous crowd. The same cosplayer was part of the Flash Mob comprised of people wearing Stranger Things characters. They swayed together to classic metal.

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In the fourth season of the show, Eddie Munson was played by Joseph Quinn. Eddie Munson, a symbiosis of a metalhead, was the head of Hawkins High’s Dungeons & Dragons organization, the Hellfire Club. He quickly became a cult character in the Netflix show. The finale of the season, “The Piggyback,” was his most memorable moment. Eddie enticed the demo bats to play “Master of Puppets” and then he sacrificed himself to help Dustin (Gaten Matarazzo) as well as the rest of the Party.

The success of “The Piggyback” has exploded since its debut. Metallica has expressed its gratitude for Stranger Things using one of its most-loved songs. In their performance at Lollapalooza this year, they even made a tribute to Eddie.

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The Duffers and their team are in the early stages of putting together Stranger Things in the fifth and final season. While details aren’t available currently but it is evident that Season 4’s cliffhanger is going to be picked up by Vecna (Jamie Campbell Bower), starting to dismantle the wall between Hawkins, and the Upside Down. Matt Duffer, co-creator, explained that we typically end the season by bowing and hint that says, “Hold on, something’s unraveling.” “As we begin season 5, we won’t need to tie things up. It will be impossible to begin a new season from the end of this season.

Stranger Things can be streamed on Netflix.

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