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One Piece’s Weevil Gets a Bold New Look in This Gender-Bending Cosplay

One Piece’s Weevil or Whitebeard Jr. gets new looks in this amazing gender-swapped costume by a Straw Hat Pirates megafan.

This cosplay captures the essence of One Piece‘s Weevil and gives him a stunning new gender-swapped look.

Cosplayer Kappy_w recently posted on Reddit to share her unique portrayal of Edward Weevil, the self-proclaimed son of the Strongest Man in the World, Edward “Whitebeard” Newgate. Kappy’s character is in overalls and Weevil’s Jolly Roger running across the front. Kappy also wears a huge blonde wig for an organized and well-maintained version of Weevil’s bouncy, flowing hair. Iconic pieces of Weevil’s look are also included in her makeup, like his nose plaster, scars, and perpetually runny nostrils.

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Her portrayal of the character received many positive comments from comments. One commenter called out her work on her teeth, stating that “the teeth are an excellent effect,” with another calling at the makeup she used, “awesome job with the marks.” In the end, there were a few reactions that noted the rareness of cosplaying Weevil in the first place, with one Reddit user stating, “I don’t think I’ve seen any Weevil cosplay, ever. You’re very well-deserved.” There are many other praises and comments sections.

Weevil’s appearance is changing

Kappy herself took to the comments to share her choices, one of the biggest changes being the mustache of Weevil, which she crafted into eyebrows that are awe-inspiring. “Before anyone asks where’s the mustache, I transform it into eyebrows, and voila.” In addition to this blog post, Kappy provided a link to her Instagram page (@kappy_w) with an article that showcases the awesome costume with a few more photos, as well as pictures of her makeup process. You can also see different One Piece cosplays such as Chopper, Sanji, and Pappag as well as pictures of her makeup procedure.

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One Piece is a popular anime series that has been a pillar of Weekly Shonen Jump since its inception. The show is a story of Monkey D. Luffy and his crew, The Straw Hat Pirates, as they hunt for the treasure of the famous Pirate, Gold Roger -which is also known as the “One Piece.”

The anime is now available for streaming in Japanese on Crunchyroll, with the One Piece Netflix live-action adaptation expected to be released in 2023.

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