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One Piece: Unraveling the Mysteries and Abilities of Vega punk’s Seraphim

While the Seraphim are regarded as the best humankind type in One Piece, what do they look like? And what do they have to offer humanity?

The next article contains spoilers for the One Piece “Egghead” Arc, available in English from Viz Media.

One Piece has recently resolved an old mystery about Dr. Vegapunk. The renowned genius behind the Marines’ technologically-advanced weaponry is quite infamous in the series, largely because his inventions enable the Marines to maintain their foothold against many powerful criminal forces. Vegapunk continues to perfect his craft and creates powerful weaponry. He also researches the past and how the world functions. He loves seeking knowledge so much that the creation of six satellites to his taste assisted him in reaching his goal. Even so, his greatest and most potent invention isn’t one of them. It’s the Seraphim.

Just recently in the past, the Seraphim made their first appearance in the show. They are said to be the pinnacle of the evolution of humanity, and of course, the strongest killers the World Government has at their disposal. Their predecessors the Pacifista are unable to even come close to them in a battle, and they’ll give Luffy and his comrades plenty of money. These are the greatest evidence of the genius of Vegapunk showing that even the unimaginable can be achieved. This brings up the question of what the Seraphim are and what their materials are.

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The Birth of the Winged Killing Machines

The World Government’s purge of the Seven Warlords saw the first appearances of the Seraphim. As they attempt to get the former Warlord Boa Hancock, the Marines have brought SSnake (and SHawk) to Amazon Lily. The other Seraphim did not appear until the “Egghead” Arc when Cipher Pol 0 arrives at the island. They’ve brought with them S-Bear with the intent of killing Vegapunk as well as his Satellites while wearing the disguise of a delivery. As the arc progresses the introduction of S-Shark follows. Edison, one of Vegapunk’s Satellites is a battle between the Seraphim against the Straw Hat Pirates to gather battle data.

At present, there are just four Seraphim who have been introduced into the series However, it shouldn’t be unsurprising if there are others who are in hiding. They look a lot like the Warlords of the past, and many famous characters have held the title. Although they share the same appearance, however, the Seraphim are akin to the older versions- and in a sense they’re. They’re just being created and have little combat experience. This is the reason Edison opposes the Straw Hat Pirates and S-Shark. It also means that Seraphim remains to have a long way to go before they can reach their highest point.

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They are the former Warlords and that’s why the Seraphim looks exactly similar to them. They are clones of the former Warlords similar to how Stussy is a clone of Miss Buckingham Stussy. However, unlike Stussy, the Seraphim aren’t simply copies of their origins. Vegapunk also added other important components to their system that increased their power in combat. In addition to being Warlords’ clones of the Warlords, the Seraphim also have the Lineage Factor from the Lunarian Alber who is also known as King of the Beast Pirates. This is what gives the Seraphim their white hair, dark complexion with black wings, and a fiery flame behind their backs.

Seraphim also show an increase in growth, which makes them appear as if they are children, even though they’re only two months old. Their blood isn’t normal red blood that is found in other species. Seraphim may also possess the Devil Fruit power of Paramecia Devil Fruits through their Green Blood. They also possess similar technology to the Pacifistas. They can unleash laser beams whenever they want. Dr. Vegaspunk regards them as the strongest form of humanity because of their many parts. However, it is also because the Seraphim are made up of a variety of elements that making and maintaining them can be incredibly costly and laborious. These are just a few of them.

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Seraphim have a variety of powers.

It’s not just because the creation of the Seraphim is difficult, but also because they’re the best form of humankind. Because each is a unique combination of capabilities as well as combat abilities extraordinary. Lunarian genetics gives the most basic of these capabilities which is the body. Lunarians are known for their endurance. King’s battle against Zoro in the “Wano Country Arc” is a good illustration. Since they have inherited Alber’s bloodline the Seraphim are capable of being invincible for short periods. They are uninjurable as long as the flame on their backs is ablaze.

It’s not just for fun that the Seraphim resemble Warlords. Each Seraphim possesses the same fighting ability as the original Warlord. For instance, S-Shark, which is an exact clone of Jimbei and is also skilled in using Fish-Man Karate. Similarly, S-Snake is as charming as Boa Hancock, especially when it comes to using her looks to lure her opponents. The Seraphim, who are highly advanced Pacifists have complete control over laser beams and can use them against their enemies.

The Green Blood is finally available. This Green Blood is another ingenuity of Vegapunk. It is a source of the Lineage Factor that is derived from Paramecia Devil Fruit users. This grants the Seraphim to benefit from certain Devil Fruit Powers, without having to eat said Devil Fruit. Seraphim who have been designed following Devil Fruit users, S-Snake or S-Bear, possess similar Devil Fruit powers. However, the ones not equipped with one — such as S-Shark and S’Hawk are given Devil Fruit powers compatible with their fighting ability. S-Shark is equipped with Senor Pink’s Swim-Swim Food, while S-Hawk is equipped with Mr. 1’s Dice-Dice fruits.

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