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Attack on Titan Fan Is a Titan-slaying Mikasa in Impressive Cosplay

Mikasa Ackerman’s passionate fan shows her formidable skills using the Omni-directional Maneuver Gear and Attack on Titan cosplay.

One fan showcased Mikasa’s titan-slaying skills with a bloody Attack of Titan cosplay.

Majorshigo who is an active Reddit user posted an image of her blood-stained Mikasa costume. The costume showcased the character’s deadly abilities using her blades as well as the omnidirectional gear she uses to maneuver. The outfit is a recreation of Mikasa from the Attack on Titan anime. Majorshigo took every effort to ensure that the costume was as close as it could to the original show. However, they did change Mikasa’s shoes for heels. They used the opportunity to clarify that they chose to do this to highlight Mikasa’s height and to show her as taller than the other Attack of Titan cosplayers.

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Attack On Titan fans might be interested in seeing Majorshigo’s other costumes. They’ve previously designed several costumes based on Mikasa’s designs from earlier seasons. Additionally, there are photos of how they created her omnidirectional gear for maneuvering using the 3D printer. Majorshigo also cosplayed a variety of other female characters from Attack on Titan as well as Petra Ral and Historia Reiss.

The End of the Season of Attack on Titan

Based on the manga series with the same title, Attack on Titan The Final Season adapts the final episode of the original material. It covers every event beginning with Eren Yaeger’s declaration that the Global Alliance forces led the nation of Marley to the nation of Marley, and concludes with the much-anticipated finale. Attack on Titan is still in its initial stages however, critics and viewers have already praised the series’ dramatic storyline and breathtaking animation. It is on the top of MyAnimeList’s list of anime just behind Fullmetal Alchemist and Brotherhood.

The season finale of Attack on Titan had its share of issues. Many have speculated that the animation studio of Season 4 MAPPA had deliberately delayed production to profit from the show’s popularity. The fans have received several apology letters from Masafumi Mima the sound director. Mima also claimed that the post-COVID-19 limitations have significantly slowed development.

Attack On Titan is available to stream on Crunchyroll. The release date for the fall of 2023 of second part of Attack on Titan Final Season 3 is scheduled for fall 2023.

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