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The Flash’s Latest Move Might Reverse DC’s Most Polarizing Story

The latest twist in the One-Minute War may have reversed the last lingering effect from one of DC’s most controversial storylines.

The following is a list of spoilers for The Flash#795, The Flash#795 available for purchase from DC Comics.

Flash is a well-known DC mantle. Numerous heroes have played the role over the many years. However, one of the most famous events in the history of the character changed their perception of them as accidental murderers, who put the entire superhero community at risk in the process. DC is slowly moving away from these events and might have finally put an end to the tragedy once and for all.

The Flash #795 (by Jeremy Adams and Roger Cruz, George Kambadais. Fernando Pasarin. Wellington Dias. Oclair Albert. Luis Guerrero. Matt Herms., and Rob Leigh.) Sets the stage for “One-Minute-War”, to reverse the lingering consequences of Heroes In Crisis. The storyline was especially rough on Wally West, and various stories have eroded its impact over the years. This new storyline could be the final blow for one of DC’s most controversial stories.

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One-Minute War Reunites Wally Back to Heroes in Crisis

The Flash family has been fighting the Fraction interdimensional expansionists, who are trying to expand their power over Earth. The conflict has seen numerous casualties, including Wally West who was vaporized during battle. The Flash family, including Linda his wife, as well as their hero’s daughter Irey, are struggling to deal with their apparent loss. Thanks to, Wally was able to survive the incident thanks to his ally Gold Beetle.

The time-traveling hero recently worked with Wally as being stranded outside of the timestream and her cutting-edge technology enabled her to save him from the jaws of death. She reveals to Wally that they’re in a cryptic location known as the timepoint or Planet Flash. Wally is also informed that there are ten additional heroes in the space. These are the heroes that Wally as well as the rest of the DC Universe believe were killed in Heroes in Crisis. This reveal comes with an extra weight, as all the characters present were originally believed to be killed by Wally — the guilt of which has haunted him ever since.

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DC Reverses Heroes in Crisis’ Big Deaths

Heroes in Crisis (by Tom King, Clay Mann, Mitch Gerads, Travis Moore, Lee Weeks, and Jorge Fornes) focused on the investigation into the massacre at Sanctuary, a secret clinic for the superhero community. The final issues of the series placed the blame for the deaths on Wally, who’d briefly lost control of his powers and unleashed a blaze of energy that appeared to cause the deaths of Arsenal, Blue Jay, Commander Steel, Hot Spot, Lagoon Boy, Gunfire, Red Devil, Gnarrk, Protector, the Tattooed Man, and Poison Ivy. It caused controversy due to the subject matter and its presentation. The majority of the anger in the aftermath of the event came from which made the Flash a killing machine. It won’t take much time for DC to start reversing the negative effects of the incident.

Poison Ivy survived Heroes in Crisis and Arsenal was brought back in the wake of Dark Nights: Death Metal. Wally’s dark presence at the time was changed to partially reverse-flash’s fault. The Speed Force caused the power surge which killed the other heroes. Now, however, “One-Minute-War”, might be able to reverse the only effect of the storyline and discreetly repair all the deaths that occurred in that story. This is essentially a reversal of one of Wally’s greatest tragedies and errors.

The events of “One-Minute War may allow characters who were killed in this manner to be able to rejoin the central DC Universe alongside Wally (as long that it’s not a fake-out). Wally’s role in the Heroes in Crisis storyline has been gradually eliminated However, this revelation could wipe the slate clean. In essence, it would more or less retcon the only major lingering effect of the storyline.

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