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John Wick 4 Star Ian McShane Describes His ‘Deleted’ Action Scenes

John Wick: Chapter 4’s Ian McShane jokes about how fight scenes starring Winston were cut from the film’s final version.

John Wise: Chapter 4star Ian McShane joked recently that he’d filmed action scenes to create the sequel to the action thriller, but they were discarded being cut up.

McShane revealed his thoughts on the fake deleted scenes starring Winston Scott during an appearance on Late Night with Seth Meyers. McShane said, “They did provide me with a few action scenes however they cut them out because they were not [expletive]”. They were. McThai is an ancient form of martial art, was the first thing I learned to master. It’s an ancient Scottish version of martial arts] in which you put on the kilt and race at them. I ran into Donnie Yen, my co-star and he ran in the opposite direction.

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McShane’s comments were not meant to be serious. But, McShane has expressed interest to appear on the John Wickfranchise’s intricately choreographed action sets. McShane may need to wait as Chad Stahelski, director, has recently stated that Keanu Reeves and he aren’t eager to start working on Chapter 5. Keanu Reeves and I have finished in our heads for the time being. Stahelski said that John Wick will be allowed to rest. “I’m sure the studio has a plan for Johnwick: Chapter 5 of John Wick. If everyone is happy and it gets a little spooky, then we’ll have a quiet moment.

Critics are in love with John Wick: Chapter 4

John Wick is having breaks. The series is performing in style. The initial reviews for John Wick: Chapter 2 were generally favorable. The critics were unanimous in their assessment of the sequel as “bigger and more intense, stronger and more lasting” than the earlier sequels. A majority of reviews praised the film’s rapid pace and its entertainment value, particularly about its numerous fight scenes. Reeves was also highly praised as were franchise newcomers Donnie Yen and Bill Skarsgard.

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John Wes: Chapter 4‘s success in the commercial arena will be a reflection of its crucial success in the domestic market. Analysts anticipate the fourth installment of the action-thriller franchise to earn between $60 and 70 million at the box office in the first weekend. John Wick Chapter 4 will beat the Parabellum franchise record of $60 to 70 million if this is the case. The film earned $ 56.8 million in ticket sales during the first weekend. The film went on to make $171 million in North America and more than $328 million in the world which makes it John Wick’s most profitable film to date.

John Wick Chapter 4 will be released in cinemas on March 24, 2023.

Source: Late Night With Seth Meyers via YouTube

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