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A Surprising Revelation: X-Men Veteran’s Unwavering Devotion to Michael Jackson

X-Men #20 confirms that a long-time leader of X-Men is also a long-time fan of Michael Jackson, the King of Pop.

This article contains spoilers for X-Men issue 20. The issue is now available at Marvel Comics.

The world of the X-Men has seen many outlandish and thrilling stories throughout the decades. Marvel’s fun-loving mutants are never without new adventures to look forward to when they’re exploring alternate realities or escaping into space. However, one of the most lovable and entertaining qualities of the X-Men has been the moments of laughter that are found within the team, whether in their interests or their personality. But one of the best examples of this was shown in the X-Men #20 (by Gerry Duggan, Stefano Caselli, Federico Blee, and the VC’s Clayton Cowles) when Magik showed she was Michael Jackson’s greatest admirer.

In the most recent episode of the X-Men, The Brood has been acting out of line by attacking innocent people and infecting them. This shouldn’t have happened as the new ruler of the Broo was very kind. Through Broo, an agreement was forged as he could control the hive mind with minimal effort from his side. But, to be certain, Jean Grey and Magik went to check on the man, only to discover that he was in complete control. He had his broodlings dance the dance from Michael Jackson’s Thriller. This sparked Illyana Rasputin’s love for the pop star. This funny moment is tied to a classic X-Men series.

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Magik has always been a Superfan Of Michael Jackson

Xavier’s initial X-Men team was no longer at school, so it became the New Mutants. This team included Illyana Rasputin (aka Magik). Her childhood was filled with challenges as a captive in the world of Limbo, which spawned her notoriously dark humor and sarcastic wit but also made her an icon. But, her early years were full of difficulties. She loved lighthearted fun and the most memorable example of this is in the animated miniseries Nightcrawler, created by Dave Cockrum in 1985. Nightcrawler, Magik, and Kitty Pryde were present to transport her to a fantasy-like dimension.

Kitty and Illyana tried to rescue Nightcrawler through the chaos, but they weren’t able to accomplish this. Nightcrawler was seen wearing a Michael Jackson shirt and not a uniform. Jackson’s music was a huge iconic pop star, with numerous hits on each album. It’s not surprising that at least one of the students at Xavier was a Jackson fan. However, the fact that Magik is one of them perfectly conveys the depth of her character, even years following the Nightcrawler series.

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The interest of Magik gives her character More Intensity

Magik might not be the most entertaining Mutant on Krakoa however that hasn’t meant she didn’t have style or taste in entertaining herself. The excitement of Magik as The Brood danced to Thriller and then followed along perfectly demonstrated how amazing Magik is. Yes, The Brood is risky however, when they’re having a great time, Illyana would be the first to join in. It’s a part of her personal story and she’s gained a lot of lessons from it.

Magik lived a life where there was no guarantee of tomorrow. Magik had to seek the light in every situation, as she didn’t know when it would be back. However, watching her dance as brood crises were unfolding was perfect for capturing all that is Magik. Magik is naturally a dancer, and dancing in front of a flame was a fantastic opportunity to show her character. It also brought back her passion for Michael Jackson, which proved that even the smallest Easter eggs can boost an individual’s personality.

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