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One Piece vs. Naruto: Why Luffy’s Kaido Fight Lost to a Silly Boruto Scene in YouTube Views

Naruto fans can still tune in to the show since a Boruto bathroom battle with Kaido was viewed more than Luffy’s brawl in the King of the Beasts.

A hilarious bathroom brawl took place in Boruto: NarutoNext Generations received more views than a major One Piece fight.

In a recent Facebook post, Boruto’s ‘Bathroom Battle’ received almost 5,000,000 more views than Luffy’s Kaido fighting. This is surprising given that the bathroom fight is only a comedy scene, while Kaido has been one of Luffy’s most notorious and powerful foes. Boruto’s Bathroom Battle has approximately 9.5 million views at the time this article was written.

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What is Naruto’s Bathroom Battle, you ask?

Boruto’s Bathroom Battle takes place when Boruto, Kawaki and disagree on who should use the bathroom first. After Naruto, the current occupant of the bathroom, orders them to “do our business outside”, they reluctantly comply. After much more bickering and fighting about who should be where, the situation escalates into a full-blown brawl, which Naruto quickly intervenes to stop. Naruto’s wry comment that “damn kids” should allow him to go to the toilet “in peace” ends the comic scene.

Luffy’s clash with Kaido the self-proclaimed World’s Strongest Creature was the highlight of One Piece history. Although Luffy fought Kaido on other occasions, this battle was the one that determined Wano Country’s fate. Luffy wanted to free Kaido from his oppressive rule. This scene is explosive. Luffy launches a devastating attack called Red Roc that renders his opponent a beast-like creature.

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Masashikimoto’s Naruto manga series officially ended in November 2014 after close to fifteen years of serialization. NarutoNext Generations continues his legacy as a ninja with the story of his son. Boruto’s debut was in the 2015 film Boruto. In May 2016, Boruto’s adventures continued with the Boruto Next Generations Manga. Ukyo Kudachi was the main writer. After the 51st Chapter was published, Kishimoto, along with his assistant Mikio Ichemoto, took over the series’ work. Pierrot’s anime adaptation, which was popularized in 2017, premiered. He is currently adapting “Code Invasion”, the manga’s story arc. There were rumors that the anime would take a hiatus. Boruto has received approval for Part II. Part I’s the final episode, Episode 293, will premiere on March 26.

Crunchyroll offers Boruto (Naruto Next Generations ) and 1 Piece streaming.

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