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From Zero to Hero: The Incredible Triumph of the “World’s Greatest Loser” in Record of Ragnarok

Brunhilde’s team faces a wall in Netflix’s Record of Ragnarok. However, thanks to the World’s Greatest Loser (World’s Greatest Loser), they pull off an incredible win.

Netflix anime Records of Ragnarok focuses on a tournament created by Brunhilde, the valkyrie Brunhilde at the millennial meeting with the gods to determine the fate of humanity. The tournament would consist of 13 battles between man and god, in a fight for the death. It seems easy to win for the gods.

Brunhilde’s group struggled to defeat Zeus (and his pantheon) during the tournament. This tournament was supposed to decide the fate of mankind, either survival or genocide. While the Valkyrie power-ups did make humanity’s champions better, ultimately, the gods were more powerful than us. Brunhilde knows that winning will require something extra. Kojiro Sasaki is the world’s greatest loser but he achieved a remarkable win through a secret technique.

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Kojiro Sasaki’s Repeated Losses Teach Him How To Win

Kojiro wasn’t the greatest swordsman ever to live. He wasn’t even a legend which made many in the crowd anxious. Kojiro didn’t win any of his previous victories, and there were many fully-proven warriors like Musashi. Musashi had already killed him, but he knew why Kojiro had been chosen. While his body was losing fights and his mind was trying to figure out how to win, Kojiro, who was a coward as a youth, became obsessed with nature and animals as well and began to train on his own.

While he had mastered the art, he needed to fight to absorb all that he learned. He lost many duels to his mentor, fellow dojo mates, and fighters across the continent. This was all to learn from them. Kojiro invented methods to defeat them in his head, but he never applied them. However, when his mentor visited his hut, Kojiro found the marks on his boards and could sense the fighters Kojiro ‘beats’ in simulations. He’d use his experience to create a matrix in the mind if he ever faced them. He could also learn from other fighters and add new techniques to his arsenal.

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Kojiro defeats Poseidon by Calculating His Moves

Kojiro could tell what fighters could do by just looking at them enter the arena. Kojiro could read Poseidon’s breathing and muscles when he entered. Kojiro predicted all of Poseidon’s attacks before he even threw his first blow. Each movement was calculated to allow him to dodge, counter, and duck.

at the height of his fury, the barrage looked like hundreds of copies of the sea god dropping down blows. Kojiro finally used his double blades — the souls Hrist and the Valkyrie — to cut Poseidon to shreds. This stunned the gods and caused the Valhalla arena to go wild as it made clear that mankind is no longer the underdog. It’s all because of Ragnarok‘s greatest loser.

Ragnarok Season 2 can be viewed on Netflix.

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