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One Piece: Sanji Has the Worst Debut Arc of All the Straw Hat Pirates

One Piece is known for its ability to make its characters memorable debuts, particularly the Straw Hat Pirates. However, Sanji didn’t enjoy such treatment.

One Piece is a story about the story of a group of pirates known as the Straw Hat Pirates. Every member has a lofty goal that is ridiculed by the public and Luffy the captain is striving to be the Pirate King. The group is gradually but surely recognizing the reality of this situation. There was a time when it wasn’t like that. When they first set the sails, Logia Devil Fruit users were their only adversaries. They were unable to defeat them without a loophole. However, the Straw Hats were awe-inspiring at the time. They’re all introduced in extremely cool manners through One Piece except Sanji.

The tales of the Straw Hats began with Luffy who was forced to leave his home without having a boat. Luffy was able to make it to each island almost completely on his luck. His first friend was not a part of the Straw Hat Pirates. Instead, Luffy determined to become a Marine. Because of Koby, Luffy was able to meet Zoro. Soon, Naomi was added to the group together with Usopp as well as Sanji. They were attracted to Grand Line, where they added additional members.

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The East Blue Saga members were pretty hot.

One Piece started with a flashback of Luffy’s humble beginnings. Luffy was a brat with a nose that was snot, and he was begging Shanks as well as his crew members for permission to go sailing with him. Luffy was only a child however, he already was a shrewd and courageous person. To show his bravery, Luffy attempted to cut his eye. He also fought the mountain bandits that had slammed his pirate friends. Shanks helped him out however, Luffy was able to make amends after the turning of the century. He began sailing on his own and also offered Shanks an enormous dose of his pistol punch.

Incredible introductions are also provided to the three Straw Hats. Zoro was taken captive by the Marine base for the very first time. Koby presented Zoro as an infamous character, and the story was reaffirmed in the following days. Zoro was not able to consume food for a few days but continued to assist Luffy in destroying the Marine base after the base was liberated. Nami might not be the most powerful of the bunch however her debut was packed with action. She stole the evil Buggy the Clown and even assisted Luffy to defeat the murderous pirate. But the most memorable moment was when she used her hands naked to prevent a gun from going off and also saved the protagonist’s life.

Usopp, the weaker player of the Straw Hats, also had an impressive entry into One Piece. He chose to take on Kuro as well as his Black Cat Pirates despite his insecurity. Luffy beat Kuro but Usopp delivered the ultimate punch to Jango.

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Sanji has an emotional story that is similar to the other straw hats

It’s not uncommon to find One Piece characters have tragic stories behind them. Sanji isn’t an exception. Sanji’s story, as with Straw Hats before him, was made public at the time Sanji was introduced. Sanji was an experienced chef from his childhood. However, his life drastically changed when Red Zeff’s pirate crew landed in their restaurant. The storm that hit the restaurant was intense and all the staff, except Zeff and Sanji, were killed. They were thrown out for the rest of the time.

While they might have escaped the harsh circumstances, they were still in danger. They were a bit short of food and were divided. The truth finally came out that Zeff was the one who provided all the food needed for young Sanji and the other was forced to eat cannibals and break his leg to satisfy his cravings. Sanji was stunned to hear of the incident and pledged to assist Zeff to create a beachside restaurant.

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The background of the Battles for Baratie Most Sanji

Sanji disappears into the background, with only a flashback. The supposed arc, which he calls the “Baratie” arc was mainly focused on the conflict between the Krieg Pirates and the titular restaurant. While it was anticipated to be the case that Sanji was going to defend his work but that wasn’t the situation. Zoro was the first to be in the limelight. In a sad turn of events, Dracule Mihawk pursued the Krieg Pirates along the Grand Line to East Blue. Zoro was aware that the Warlord was the strongest Swordsman, and he was able to challenge Mihawk to an epic duel. While the Straw Hat suffered a few losses but he gained the respect of the Warlord.

Don Krieg and his band of scallywags became the antagonists of the arc following Mihawk quitting the restaurant. Don Krieg ignored Gin’s pleas and Sanji’s compassion and decided to take the control of Baratie and turn it into his primary ship. However, Don Krieg’s adversary isn’t Sanji. It’s Luffy. This may be an opportunity missed to show Luffy’s combat skills however, it’s not a surprise. Luffy is the one who beats the bosses by recruiting his team members. Sanji did not get the chance to showcase the kicks of which he is so proud.

Sanji was facing Pearl who was proud of his incomprehensible defense, but it was not an actual fight. It’s more of a one-sided assault with Sanji as the victim. There are no surprise twists, power-ups, or power-ups as Sanji was the victim of Pearl’s attacks. The only thing that was missing is Gin who was the villain’s co-creator who beat Sanji. If Sanji wasn’t considered to be one of the Straw Hat’s most powerful members and had a similar performance, it could have been considered acceptable. Nami and Usopp, the team’s weakest members, were better combat skills than the other members. While the “Baratie arc” was the introduction of Sanji to One Piece but he was overshadowed most often by Zoro or Luffy.

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