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Naruto: The Downfall Of Orochimaru As The Most Dangerous Villain

Here’s how Orochimaru was stopped from being feared in Naruto.

Orochimaru was a powerful character in Naruto’s world. Orochimaru was introduced to the series in the Chunin exams. He was a villain with only malice in his heart. To gain more strength as a Shinobi, he took part in the exams.

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Orochimaru was the evilest villain that the series had ever seen during his introduction. Even the Hokage was wary of his presence because of his intimidating aura. Orochimaru, at his best, would have been a formidable villain in the Naruto series. But, as the story progressed, his circumstances changed and he was no longer a main character.

Orochimaru Rises To Power

Orochimaru was a genius from the beginning. was already a Chunin from Konohagakure at the age of six and had learned many jutsu. After losing his parents at a young age, his goal was to find out more about the meaning of life and eventually immortality. Orochimaru was the village’s most skilled ninja and was highly praised by Hiruzen Sarutobi who considered them his favorite students. Orochimaru was made a Jonin over time and also made significant progress in his quest for immortality.

Unfortunately, he had a wicked mind and was willing to do anything to achieve his dreams. Orochimaru fought in the Second Great Ninja War, becoming one of the Legendary Sannin for his village. Orochimaru was a legend and quickly rose to the rank of Hokage. His evil ways had increased to this point, and he would even kidnap and experiment on people for immortality. He was at his best as a fighter, and he eventually defected to the village.

Orochimaru’s Prime

Orochimaru, a Shinobi was incredibly powerful. Kakashi Hatake was a Shinobi worthy to become the Hokage. Even he couldn’t help but feel paralyzed by fear. Orochimaru was strong enough to master all five Nature Transformations at an early age. He also learned a lot of Jutsu which is only his. Orochimaru was a student of Hiruzen Sarutobi and knew almost every Jutsu that existed in Konoha. He was so skilled at combat that he could kill the Fourth Kazekage. He even fought in a match against Hiruzen Srutobi during Konoha Crush. Unfortunately, Orochimaru was unable to fight to his best ability due to his sick body. He couldn’t use Sage Jutsu because of his sickening body.

Orochimaru discovered Ryuchi Cave and was able to learn the Senjutsu techniques. Unfortunately, he never got the chance to practice this. Instead, he created the Cursed Seals. He was a formidable fighter in his prime and could easily take on Jiraiya or even Kage-level Shinobi. His body was not able to allow him to achieve his full potential as a fighter.

Orochimaru’s Fall as a Villain

Orochimaru was easily one of the most intriguing villains that Kishimoto wrote in early Naruto. The most interesting thing about his character was his threatening aura. From the beginning of Naruto to the time skip Orochimaru was easily the evilest character in the story. Orochimaru’s role in the story became less important as the story shifted to the Uchiha clan and the story of Indra & Ashura. Orochimaru was killed off in the first part of the story, which was quite anticlimactic,, to say the least. Kabuto took his remains and became one of the perpetrators in the Fourth Great Ninja War.

Sasuke, who was the one who killed Orochimaru in the first place, helped Orochimaru to return once more during the war. It was obvious that Sasuke and many Shinobi had already defeated Orochimaru, despite his return. He was no longer threatening and was never allowed to show his true potential after Konoha Crush. Even worse, Orochimaru was made to feel like a joke character during the war. He was even allowed to have relationships and forgive him for his wrongdoings. Like many other villains, Orochimaru ended up being “good at heart” and his potential as an outstanding villain was destroyed.

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