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Incredible Marvel’s What If…? Cosplay Brings Infinity Ultron’s Raw Power to Life

See a series of photos at What If …? Infinity Ultron, the animated Marvel series Infinity Ultron is brought to life with beautiful and appropriately creepy cosplay.

A series of photos capturing the power of Infinity Ultron are featured. They feature a beautiful, but also eerie What if …? cosplay.

Reddit photo shared by u/MHCreativeGrain. The first picture shows the cosplayer in the costume with the cape blowing in the wind. MHCreativeGrain looks like Vision in the second photo. He scowls at the camera. The last photos include elements such as Infinity Stones, the helmet’s eyes glowing, and MHCreativeGrain holding Infinity Ultron’s double-headed lance.

What If Bryan Andrews, director of the Marvel animated series discussed the stories that the series’ second and third seasons will feature in 2022? Andrews said that Marvel Studios President and Chief Creative Officer Kevin Feige wanted the first season to be “a little closer to the vest”. He suggested that a small element should be different and impactful from the other elements, but still tie it to a particular movie or moment in the movies. Andrews said that What if doesn’t have to “have just a moment” because of the increasing number of Marvel Cinematic Universe movies and projects.

He said, “We can grow out and things could get a bit wilder.” Season two takes it to a higher level, and season three is even crazier. Season two features new characters we haven’t had the chance to play with and we look forward to seeing how they will integrate with some of our favorites. It’s a lot of cool stuff, and I’m excited for everyone to see it.”

Marvel Studios’ Head Of Animation Brad Winderbaum stated that Season 3 would allow them to “go deeper with these characters”, most notably the Watcher. Winderbaum said, “It’s a Multiverse tale, they’re separate stories, but there’s a serialized element to it because there are these narrators who love the subjects of the stories, he is the ultimate fanboy.” He’s watching like everyone else. He loves these characters as much as we do. We can get to know him a lot better in the second season.

Season 2 will premiere on Disney+ in 2023.

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