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Elizabeth Olsen Gives Fans a Glimpse of What’s to Come for Scarlet Witch in the MCU

The MCU Does Scarlet Witch a Disservice as much as the Comics

The comics were difficult for Scarlet Witch during her first two decades. However, her MCU journey wasn’t easy for the character.

Wanda Maximoff in the Marvel Cinematic Universe aka Scarlet Witch has undergone some significant changes to make her distinct from her comic book roots. To take an example, Magneto did not become Wanda’s father before Marvel’s own retcon. In the 2014 Axis, her powers were actually derived from a Mind Stone. Despite not having a comic book origin, she still suffered from the same tragedies as the other Avengers. It was clear that her inspiration had been a poor source of inspiration, and the live-action world served her well.

Many of MCU’s heroes were explored using their own narratives. These stories did not strictly follow the comics version. Tony Stark for example chose his own path that maintained the character’s spirit while telling stories that only slightly adapted from the source. Captain America meanwhile covered many decades of his evolution to show how much he had grown over the years and how natural that change was. Wanda had to endure two decades of tragedy before she could live the life she saw in the films.

Marvel’s Comics Hindered Scarlet Witch’s Multiverse Growth

Wanda’s most notable moments in action were before she made her first appearance in live-action. All three series dealt with Wanda’s mental break after she realized that her manifested child was hers.

This break was a result of the Avengers’ disassembling. Her magical attack caused many deaths and led to the dissolution of the Avengers. However, Magneto manipulated Wanda to create a world for their family in the Marvel Universe-defining House of M. Wanda deposed the Mutant population and famously said, “No more Mutants.” Young Avengers had a more positive outcome because she was reunited again with her children. However, her friends reacted negatively to her past actions. She was disowned for her past actions, even when she needed treatment for her mental illness.

While MCU films did not reach her as deeply in her psyche and familial relationships, Wanda was still a victim. She lost her brother and husband, as well as her children and her family, within a few short years. In her desperate effort to recapture the memory of her lost children, Wanda became a murderous antagonist that would take down the Multiverse. Wanda in the MCU was destined to be a tragic and evil villain right from the beginning, thanks to her three most tragic-comic storylines. Wanda was never given the chance to discover her true self, but she was constantly pushed to become an enemy.

Wanda’s Redemption Will be A Difficult Trip

WandaVision was a key player in bringing the iconic Scarlet Witch stories to reality. Doctor Strange of Multiverse of Madness also played a major role. The years prior to her descent into deceit felt less like a backdrop than her development as an antagonist due to trauma. It was thrilling to watch her fight Doctor Strange. But it’s difficult not to notice the poor choices that she made using trauma as a tool to create a villain on the screen. Wanda’s last sacrifice may have saved her, but she still has the chance to make a comeback. It is important to avoid certain mistakes if Wanda decides to come back.

Wanda should feel better after her return than she felt in the past. She must confront her mistakes and face them head-on. It is also important to point out that many of Wanda’s problems were not due to her caregivers. She is able to use her powers more effectively and become a hero. This is even though she may not be liked or trusted by everyone. She was young at the time and uncertain about her abilities. But, now she is the Scarlet Witch, which could allow her to prove she can do the right things.

Wanda is flawed like everyone. She made errors and could have had another chance. It’s possible to unravel the stories which inspired her first arc. This would allow her to forge a new path, one that is both original and respectful of earlier tales that have called Wanda a Hero.

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