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One Piece: How Jewelry Bonney Could Restore Kuma’s Memory

Bonney is determined to restore the humanity of her father, but Bonney’s steps to accomplish that goal may be making it more difficult for her.

This article contains spoilers about One Piece Chapter 1074 “MK. III,” by Eiichiro Oda, Stephen Paul, and Vanessa Satone. Available in English at Viz Media

Jewelry Bonney came to Egghead with a specific purpose. She is asking Dr. Vegapunk for help to restore the humanity that her father Bartholomew Kuma took by making him a cyborg. It seems like she has made a significant step by finding Kuma’s old memories. This may be due to its own set of problems.

Kuma’s memories don’t reside on a hard drive or any other compact storage device. To expel his memories, he used his Paw Paw powers to create a giant bubble. These memories can be transported by someone else, but it raises the question of how to get them back in him. Bonney is open to trying this method. In classic One Piece fashion, there may be a way to get the memories back to her father and restore his humanity.

Bonney: How can Bonney get Kuma’s memory back to him?

There are two ways that Kuma can get his memories back. First, bring Kuma to Egghead. Then have him enter the bubble with his memories. Kuma is currently climbing Red Line, which makes it unlikely that this option will be realized.

Kuma cannot be taken to the bubble so the bubble must be taken to him. Bonney will need to enter the bubble and bring the memories inside herself. This process is already in progress. Bonney should be able to take in all the contents of her bubble, just as Zoro did with the pain Kuma expelled from Luffy. She would then be the compact vehicle for her father’s memories.

Bonney can’t get Kuma’s memories from Egghead so she has to figure out a way to return them to their owner. She would have to convince Kuma that he can use his powers to erase her memories and bring them back to him. It depends on Kuma’s ability to recognize that a request is coming from someone other than the World Government. Vegapunk could also ask him to do this if he has an Authority Chip such as the Seraphim. By the time the Red Line is revealed, it should be possible for the former warlord to prove that he still has free will.

Bonney may also be attempting to return Kuma’s memories. Bonney is not attempting to return the memories to Kuma, but to better understand him. All of her efforts in understanding him may be lost if she returns his memories. This can’t happen unless she can recall reading Kuma’s memories. Then, those memories can be returned and she can maintain her character arc.

Bonney’s goal is to make sure that it is comprehensive. Even looking at Kuma’s painful memories is a difficult task. Although she is familiar with the technical steps of returning the memories to their owners, the owner is located far away. If she wants to have a real reunion with her father, it will take a lot of effort, time, and determination.

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