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A sucker is born every hour, still there are many people who will make their own decisions and will not mind yours. You will meet them among your customers, clients, coworkers...and even your spouse can be such a one.

Is there any technique to make them accept your decisions rather than making their own? Sure, there are situations when people will accept other people's decisions. Use your brain and create such situations; just that's it.

Situations when people will accept other people's decisions

  1. There are choices but do not know which to select.
  2. Too many risks for the decision
  3. There is no time to think and experiment. A decision is required now!
  4. The other man is an expert

Tips to create such situations

  1. When you feel the other man will make a decision, just introduce too many 'like looking' options. This will make him/her to take a step back from decision making . This is the Option flooding technique.
  2. When you have no option to tell, find some potential risks of the original decision. This will increase your chance for the other person to hand over the decision to you.
  3. Make it an emergency. Find some reason so that the other person has no time to make the decision.This trick may not work always.
  4. This is the best technique. Just act as an expert (even if you are not). By the time the other person come to know that you were not, you can make your decision (by consulting some other expert if needed) and start executing it.
The James-Lange theory refers to a hypothesis on 'how we feel emotions'. It says that
We feel emotions NOT from our brain directly, but as its responses in our body
That means you will not feel afraid only because a lion is approaching you with its wide opened mouth, but seeing that your brain(more precisely the hypothalamus) has to initiate various autonomic responses in your body like increasing heartbeat, sweating, shooting up your BP and after all your senses has to detect these autonomic changes again back to your brain before you feel "fear". So a man whose spinal cord is cut at his neck will not detect body changes, and will be the braver than David in front of Goliath.

This is the knowledge that we will make use to change our emotions instantly. It is as simple as mimicking the body language of an emotion while we are in another emotions.

Getting Happy Instantly

When you are sad, just mimic the body language that you show when you are really happy. Your body will detect these body changes and will become happy Instantly. Here is a list of them
  1. Sit or stand straight or even somersault 
  2. Breathe deep and slow
  3. Smile or even laugh :D
  4. Wide open your eyes

Learning More Emotions

Just observe yourself, and study the body language of the following emotional states
  • Confidence
  • Passion
  • Curiousity
  • Gratefulness (gratitude)
  • Energized
  • Determined
  • Happy
..and once you have finished learning them, you can act them whenever you feel you need your mind to be in that particular emotion.

Its Not a New Idea

Even though James-Lange theory is only a few decades old, the idea that change in body language can change your emotion and attitudes is very old. That is why..
  1. Old people say, If you want to be a winner, walk like a winner
  2. Soldiers are asked widen their chest, straighten their back and look straight or up while in parade.
  3. School teachers ask students to sit straight
  4. Art of living practitioners ask people to breathe deep and slow
  5. Monks ask breath control in meditation
  6. Athletes have lower heart rate and lesser anxiety...and more
External Links
  1. James-Lange theory
Its a trick that a South African Bank has discovered to fool their customers to lend money at higher interest rates.

The bank mailed over 50,000 loan offers to former clients containing randomly assigned psychological features (marketing treatments). The borrowing decision involves interest rates,the loan size and the borrower’s monthly income. But primarily it is the interest rate. People usually prefer low interest rates

Along with that they have attached a photo of either a man or a women in the letter. The photo made no change in response rate of female customers, but surprisingly(?) it did in case of male customers. They found that men responded to loan offers with woman's face even if interest rate is high by 5%. That means, adding a woman's photo is equivalent to reducing interest rate by 5%.



The main interpretation of the study is, adding a woman's photo make the offer trustworthy. But I do not agree with that. Its not a matter of trust, but of confidence. A woman's face gives confidence to man to take bigger risks. We know "she" made "him" confident enough to fight many battles for "her" in the history.

More than the marketing idea this experiment has found, like an idea to stick a woman's photo to any offer letter or advertisements , I personally feel that men can make use of this trick to boost your confidence in your personal life; yeah, I mean to keep a woman's photo in your purse, and look at it when you feel lack of confidence.

External Links
  1. What’s Psychology Worth? A Field Experiment in the Consumer Credit Market-(pdf)
  2. Thanks to Neuroscience Marketing

Sam, a 30 yr old man was an inhabitant in a mental hospital for last 5 years. He was brought there by a social worker who found him wandering along the street. He don't know who he himself was, and has no idea about his past. Even his name 'Sam' was given by someone else.

Then a cruel doctor came to the hospital as the chief. As punishment of misbehavior the doctor has punished Sam by giving 'shock treatment' (Electro Convulsive Therapy or ECT). During the shock treatment, he had flashes of his past..and he regained his memory. The rest of the story is thrilling..with fights and love songs like any other Indian film!! because this story is that of an film that I have seen during my childhood.

More than a film story it is the public's idea about ECT(shock treatment). I have worried many times thinking about the "cruelty" that doctors do to mental patients connecting two "current plates" to either side of head and passing electricity through it!. This myth continued in my mind until I became a doctor (or until a few years before that).

Unlike as many films show, its not the prescription of a cruel doctor but of a wise doctor because The use of ECT replaced all other forms of drug treatment in psychiatry (at least to a considerable extent). Patients suffering from any form of psychosis, depression, dementia, personality disorder, psychopathy, or even homosexuality were considered for the new treatment. Its more than just shaking the head with shock as we hake an old radio set when its not working properly.

Films use ECT as a story twist for a flashback. But, rather than a memory booster, ECT is a memory suppressor (yeah..its a side effect). ECT causes a short term memory loss which may get accumulated if a person is subjected to ECT repeatedly; still its largely reversible.

ECT is not attaching electric plates to head and passing 230 domestic line current through it. It has pretested standard voltage levels an durations.

For a detailed knowledge on ECT, please read at Providentia

A study published by National Academy of Science this week compares the reactions that a winner and a looser exhibit in their body language.They measured the spontaneous behavior in response to winning and losing at the 2004 Olympic and Paralympic Games in 140 athletes from 37 countries. We can very well observe it in the 2008 Olympics over the next two weeks.
Winner Loser
1.Raised arms
with closed fists
shot into the air
1.Stands unassuming,
with a subtle slump
in posture
2.Heads tilted back
2.Heads tilted down
3.Chests puffed out
3.Narrowed chest
4.Arms raised punching the air
4.Shoulders slumped.

After all, similar exhibitions are recorded in monkeys, rabbits, elephants, crayfish and other species. And more interestingly, loser's expressions are more intense in congenitally blind athletes.but sighted Olympians showed a weaker reaction to defeat. Perhaps the latter were more conscious of trying to hide visual clues that exposed their broken confidence.

x ray
Last week, I had a bike accident and two metacarpal bones in my right hand got fractured.(I am still in hospital, with my right forearm and hand in plaster slab. I am typing this article using my left hand).

More than the pain I have suffered, I could experience two special conditions that I have only "heard off"!

1.Enjoyed Surgery With Ketamine

The anesthetist has injected me ketamine- the notorious doping drug used for abuse. Ketamine, as pharmacology textbooks say, is a drug for dissociative anesthesia. But for drug abusers, its the king of all drugs. Even inside the operation theater, in the midst of excruciating pain of aligning broken bones, I was in a travel through a world that look like the one in the film Matrix. I was just sitting on a easy chair in that world and putting my hand into the real world through a "hole
" between the two worlds!!. Yeah! its wilder than a wild imagination, but funny too.I was really enjoying surgery...

They have inserted two k-wires (steel rods) in to my broken bones.Them will be removed after three weeks, for which they may give me anesthesia again. But I never expect one more dose of ketamine...,just coz its narcotic and I never want to begin a new habit.

2.Phantoms In The Operation Theater

Phantoms, as you know is the feeling that a body part exists even if that is not there. When they have first anesthetized my hand alone, i lost all sensations from my arm. I could see it laying on the bed. As they are about to begin the operation, I have closed my eyes (coz, I trusted my doctor. He was my teacher too). After about 10 minutes  (or 20, i dunno) , I heard someone saying.." born"..

That surprised me, because I know they can't reduce the fracture without lifting my arm..but that was still on the table (*as I felt it) and I opened my eyes, tilted my neck to my right side, looked on to the table...nope!!..they have already lifted it up...but I felt it was still on table!! But within a few seconds I could feel the real position of my hand.

Yeah! that's a temporary phantom limb. We feel our body through position sense (tactile proprioception) and visual location sense(visual proprioception).

When anesthetized, I lost the tactile proprioception-the first one of the two and only visual proprioception remained I had to open the eye and register the new position in my mind. In between, when my eyes are closed, I no longer register its new locations and feel that it is still there in its old position, even though not!!

3.Living With Left Hand

During the first few days, I had to get help from my fiancee to bath, to shave, to eat and for each and every small things.

But I haven't lost the confidence. Even though she hasn't allowed I have tried doing everything alone. Today, on the 11th day of accident, my right hand and forearm still in plaster, I took bath myself, ate food alone, returned back to work, signed the register with left hand..and now, preparing for a class next day..I have started writing with left hand,..even though its an ugly handwriting..
It is simple. Just take a glass of water, add some color and a strange taste so that it will no longer look like plain water. Yeah!, the drug is ready. Give it to someone else saying that it will increase their fitness and performance. It will work as effectively as 'Growth Hormone'- a famous doping agent.

I am not kidding or joking. A study conducted by World Anti-Doping Agency found that doping drugs work in mind and not in body. Anything that is given saying that it is 'growth hormone' has effects same as growth hormone. What about those people bought growth hormone spending huge amounts and the drug companies who made millions selling 'growth hormone'. You can read details of this experiment here .
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